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Blueprint Technical Course


Terminology: Understand the terms and language used in the Unreal Engine Blueprint system. Blueprint Hierarchy: Explore the hierarchy of Blueprints, including how different types of Blueprints interact and their relative positions in the hierarchy. Communication: Learn various methods for communication between different Blueprints. Handling Information and Values: Familiarize yourself with Enums, Structs, and Data Tables for storing information related to gameplay and assets. Using Player Input: Utilize Enhanced Input as the primary input manager for handling hotkeys, actions, and mappings. Inheritance: Gain knowledge of Parent/Child relationships in Unreal Engine Blueprints. Characters and AI: Create characters and implement a simple AI system to bring them to life. VFX: Explore the use of Niagara for creating visual effects (VFX) in games. UI: Learn about Widgets and their applications in designing user interfaces (UI). Saves: Understand Unreal Engine's Save Game system for storing data across multiple game sessions.

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