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FREELANCE COURSE FOR 3D ARTISTS LEVEL: BEGINNER TO FREELANCER DURATION: Self Pace TOTAL CLASSES: over 450+ hours CERTIFICATION: AUTODESK INTERMEDIATE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OVERVIEW & PURPOSE: Learn the ins and outs of Unreal Engine game development. Learn how to utilize Blueprint to create intriguing and interactive game mechanics, alongside the game’s core functionality. Using only visual scripting, create a compelling game that you can play with your friends, while learning how to use gamepads with the Engine. Everyone starts from the same point and ends in the same place, where after you will be more than capable of creating your own Indie game, or start your career as a game developer in a larger studio. OBJECTIVES: Learn Blueprint Visual Scripting inside of Unreal Engine (Beginner to Advanced) Learn how to create interactive Characters and Environments. Learn how to mix and match animations to create interesting game mechanics. Learn how to create a compelling Main Menu using the UMG Editor. Learn to debug your games and find the root of the problems. Learn how to use Gamepads in Unreal Engine. Learn how to add Sounds and VFX to your game. Learn how to set up Version Control using GIthub. Package a game ready to release on any platform. MATERIALS NEEDED: Unreal Engine 5.1.1+ Gamepad (Playstation ⅘ , Xbox X/One/360, any general purpose gamepad) 3 packs needed to create your game (Wildman character, Tiki Tandems Environment Pack, Flipbook VFX).

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