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Redefining Digital Art - Nikola Kocevski

After completing my education at M3DS Academy for Visual Arts, I earned my Autodesk Certification in Maya, a 3D modeling software. With an upgraded portfolio, I undertook over 15 freelance projects on platforms like Fiverr and UpWork. Recognizing my skills, M3DS Academy offered me a job due to my outstanding performance as one of the top students in my class. As a "Character Sculptor," my primary responsibility was creating 3D characters using Zbrush.

🧌The Shaman is a real-time original Game Character created at M3DS Academy for their Year 3 program in character specialization. 🧌Learn more about the creative process and techniques used to bring this character to life.

And Nikola Personal Projects:

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  • The Shaman

  • Find out more here:

  • The Shaman

The Shaman - A real-time original Game Character created at M3DS Academy by me and my colleagues.

  • The character is created for the purpose of our Academy Year 3 program for character specialization.

  • Academy Year 3 teaches and guides you through the ins and outs of character creation from scratch.

  • Ignis, Fire Champion

The Dragon is a personal project that I was eager to explore. It began with a sketch of a dragon, inspired by various references I discovered on the internet. Throughout the creative process, I made numerous modifications to its appearance before ultimately settling on the current design. I particularly enjoyed accentuating the intricate folds and fleshy details around the eyes and mouth, adding depth and character.

To bring the Dragon to life, I initially crafted a rough block-out sketch in ZBrush, gradually refining it with more defined lines to enhance its expressiveness. In line with the typical dragon archetype, I incorporated two sets of horns, with one set smaller than the other. Additionally, I introduced a horn-like structure at the back that elegantly curved upwards. Once I completed sculpting the primary components, I focused on adding intricate details. Experimenting with a variety of brushes, I skillfully mixed and matched them to achieve the desired effect. Following the sculpting phase, I imported the model into Autodesk Maya for retopology, ensuring a correct topology for future rigging and animation purposes.

In this stage, I also dedicated attention to UVs and materials, skillfully organizing them within Autodesk Maya. Next, I embarked on the most anticipated phase of the project: Substance Painter. Recognizing the need to make the textures vibrant and captivating, I began layering colors, with red and orange taking center stage. To convey the Dragon's combat-oriented nature, I tastefully incorporated hints of "Blue paint."

It's worth noting that my painting process didn't immediately yield the desired outcome. I faced challenges and started afresh a couple of times before ultimately achieving the desired result. To showcase the final creation, I rendered the Dragon in Marmoset using a simple yet effective lighting setup. This allowed me to present the model in its full glory, capturing its intricate details and bringing it to life in a visually appealing manner.

  • Cowboy Smoking

A project I worked on in my spare time.

Tried experimenting with scanned face textures from the 3D Scan Store.

  • Akali - The Rogue Assassin

- A little project I've been working on, trying to play with cell shading in Zbrush.

Have been inspired by the phenomenal Dan Eder so I tried from time to time to cell-shade render, and I think this is the best result so far!

It is completely modeled and rendered in Zbrush.

  • Bork

- Bork - The Baron Orc

- Creature sculpt I did these couple of days

  • Handy Work

- A hand sculpt I did in my spare time but decided it needed a bit of an upgrade, so

I did a little messing around in Arnold and tried making a basic skin shader and ended up with this result.


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