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3D holographic projection of Tanqueray Gin's new design

M3DS Academy in cooperation with TREED MK, made a 3D holographic projection of the new design of the famous drink Tanqueray Gin.

The 3D design of the new bottle design was done in the Autodesk Maya program, using first a basic cylindrical shape, to further add the necessary details in the following iterations.

The product design rendering was done in Keyshot software, using the required glass, metal, and liquid materials, adding other labels, maps, and model details.

In the end, with good stage lights and bottle positioning, a 360 ° video of the final design was made.

With the help of TREED and their integrated 3D holographic display system, which projects 3D holograms, all this was interestingly displayed at the main promotion.

See below what the making process looked like:

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