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3D printer donated to high school "Rade Jovcevski - Korcagin" by M3DS Academy

M3DS Academy continues with its mission to encourage the development of the 3D industry, so for that reason, we donated a 3D printer to the Skopje high school "Rade Jovcevski - Korcagin". This makes the revolutionary 3D technology much more accessible to young people, which further encourages the development of this area.

On November 25, 2021, a multi-hour workshop was organized within the school for interested students.

Due to the great interest, two workshops were held simultaneously, in the two classrooms of informatics, for better organization, accessibility of students, and also the measures for health protection. Mentors Florina Dzingova, Nikola Kocevski, Simon Zafirovski and Mario Stojanov, trained over 70 high school students, covering the topic of 3D modeling and 3D printing, as well as the proper operation of a 3D printer.

The students from SUGS "Rade Jovcevski-Korchagin" asked and were more interested in the application of this 3D technology in practical work, as well as in various fields. Starting from that, a very interesting discussion developed.

The students have already stated their ideas for using the 3D printer, and we hope that some successful 3D artists will be among them. In addition, see a little bit of these workshops through photos.

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