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Creating A Dress In Marvelous Designer

In this tutorial, we're creating a simple outfit for a female avatar. We'll start with a basic shirt, sew the front and back pieces together, and add some elastic for a unique look.

Next, we'll design a skirt, sewing together a front and back piece. Throughout the process, we'll fine-tune the fit and add details to make the outfit more realistic.

- Workflow

  • In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a dress in Marvelous Designer.

  • Add in the female base model in the project.

  • In the 2D Window, use the Rectangle tool (S), and draw out a rectangle around the bust.

  • Place the pattern in front of the bust of the model in the 3D Window.

  • Right-click the pattern, and press the Symmetric Pattern (with Sewing) to create a duplicate of the pattern that is sown together with the original.

  • Place the duplicate behind the model.

  • In the 3D Window, activate Show Arrangement Points.

  • With this, when we select a pattern in the 3D Window and hover over one of the points, it will show us where the pattern will stick.

  • Click the point where the pattern needs to stick to during the simulation.

  • Do this for the front and back pattern.

  • If any of the patterns aren’t facing the correct way, you can right-click on the pattern and Flip their Normals.

  • If the sowing is overlapping, press B and delete them, then with N sow them back properly.

  • With Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + V make duplicates of the two patterns.

  • With Z, make the bottom pattern smaller.

  • Sow the top and bottom patterns.

  • Doing this will make the top of the dress tighter around the waist.

  • We can create an interesting pattern on the dress.

  • Select the end edge of the smaller rectangle and remember the measurements.

  • Right-click the same edge, and press Offset Pattern Outline so we can split it into equal squares.

  • In the new window, write down the measurement of the edge, insert 4 in the Number off Offests then press OK.

  • Do the same process for the other smaller rectangle.

  • Select the edges in the middle for both patterns and Cut and Sew them.

  • Select the Internal Linas, and delete them.

  • Create a copy of the two patterns by right-clicking them and pressing Symmetric Pattern (with Sewing).

  • Remove Linked Editing on the copied patterns, and make them a bit bigger.

  • Enable the Elastic for the copied patterns and lower the strength.

  • Select the top two edges of the top patterns, right-click them, and press the Offset Pattern Outline.

  • Increase the distance to 15mm, and press OK.

  • With the Internal Polygon/Line tool, connect the dots together.

  • Select the bottom edges, and Cut and Sew them.

  • Select all the patterns, and decrease the Particle Distance to 10.

  • Select the front square patterns and add a bit of Pressure onto them to make them more fluffy in appearance.

  • Scale the front patterns of the dress if they appear too small.

  • Sow the small rectangle patterns on the side.

  • For the bottom of the dress, use the Polygon tool to draw out the pattern at the hips.

  • To make sure the pattern is symmetrical, add an edge in the middle, cut and sew that edge, select one of the halves, and delete it.

  • Right-click the remaining half, and press Symmetric Pattern (with Sew).

  • Copy and paste the same pattern, placing one in the front and another in the back of the hips.

  • Sew the sides and the middle of the patterns.

  • Select one edge to see the measurement, multiply the value by two, and then with the Rectangle tool (S), make a pattern for the bottom of the dress.

  • Copy and paste another rectangle, placing one in the front and one in the back of the model.

  • With the Z tool, hold Alt and pull on the last edge of the rectangle to curve the bottom.

  • Sow the patterns together to create the dress.

  • I there are too many folds in the middle, select the top edges of the dress pattern, make a uniform split, then pull down the point to create a V shape.

  • When you run the simulation, the folds will be gone.

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