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Darko Mitev - Lead Character Modeler at online M3conference

Darko Mitev has been in the CG industry for the past 11 years. Currently living and working in Dublin Ireland, as Lead Character Artist in Brown Bag Films. He started his career in the VFX world, in a company called FX3X, in Macedonia, and ever since worked on many projects for various different companies and fields of the industry such as feature film animation, tv show animation, commercials, and game cinematics.


Join the stream at M3DS Academy, on Saturday (09 May 2020) at 9:00 pm on the following link


In this presentation, Darko will take us through the entire process of creating one of his latest artworks called the Experiment. He will talk about the concepting, modeling, texturing, lighting, render and compositing the final shot.

Follow the talk from world conferences and freely ask questions to the guest on TWITCH chat.

#StayHome and follow the educational #M3Conferencewith the world's top experts online!

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