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Dusko Avramovski one of the most successful students in M3DS

We present Dushko Avramovski, 27, from Skopje, a graduate of Business Administration and Marketing at the American College of English, as well as a graduate student at M3DS Academy.

In his free time, he loves to shoot, direct, create, and edit videos, and has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge of the Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects programs.

The interest in the 3D field came about by chance after a TV show was interested in a match for the M3DS Academy competition, "Discover the 3D Artist in yourself".

With interest and curiosity in the area, he joined the former

free classes at the Academy, which he found to be highly educational and entertaining, and Dusko was eager to learn more.

As a successful M3DS student with no prior knowledge of the 3D field and keen to learn, all the knowledge he gained, as well as the projects he worked on during the first six months of the study program, enabled him to pursue a new goal and career strives.

"The program is so interesting, and there are so many things that can be done in it and so many secrets that I learn new things every day," Dusko says.

He was noted for being the most successful student by doing everything he was passionate about. Still, he was also able to take some steps differently and willingly researched the programs.

"First of all, I would like to thank the compliments because I know how many quality students M3DS has, and being part of that group is a pleasure! I want to encourage future students to try and explore different techniques of more complicated models that require a unique and different way of thinking and approach that leads to more effective realization and of course, finding good mentors!"

Dusko's passion for filming and editing video material, as well as photography, has now been supplemented by new knowledge in the 3D field. With his knowledge of modeling, rendering, texturing, and animation, the next goal is to study FX effects, animations of a movie scene, as well as a good portfolio for the start of his new career.

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