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Exploring MetaHumans and Character

In today's tutorial, explore metahumans and character rendering in Unreal Engine. Metahumans are a versatile tool for creating lifelike characters.

The instructor demonstrates the process, starting with obtaining the MetaHuman Lighting asset from the Epic Games marketplace.

After importing a metahuman character from the Quixel Bridge library, the instructor adjusts the camera settings for a cinematic look and fine-tuned the lighting presets.

They highlight how metahumans can be customized using the MetaHuman Creator, allowing for modifications in appearance.

- Workflow

  • Metahumans can be downloaded directly inside the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

  • Search for the project and download it.

  • Open it from your library and select the quality settings.

  • Inside the Maps folder, there are many different light presets and skylights you can use for the metahumans and for your projects in general.

  • You can download any metahuman directly from your project by using the Quixel Bridge plugin.

  • Choose any metahuman, download it, and put it inside your scene.

  • From there you can add a Cinematic Camera Actor, and adjust the camera settings for the perfect render shot.

  • The Metahumans come with a body and facial rig, giving you the freedom to pose the character in any position and facial expression you want.

  • Create a Master Sequence.

  • Drag and drop the metahuman inside the Sequencer, and delete anything displayed on the timeline.

  • Make sure you are in Perspective mode and change to Animation mode to see the controls.

  • There is a metahuman creator that allows you to make your own customized metahuman that you can add to your Unreal Projects.

  • Type in inside Chrome or Edge, and wait for everything to load.

  • Choose a metahuman to work on.

  • On the left side, there are plenty of options to customize the character from the eyes to the clothes the character is wearing.

  • After you’ve made the changes to the metahuman you only need to change the name.

  • Back inside the Unreal Project, you only need to open the Quixel Bridge, and inside the My Metahumans library you will find your edited metahuman.

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