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Game of Thrones's VFX representative is coming to Skopje

Daenerys may be the mother of dragons on Game of Thrones, but the real parents are at Pixomondo, a visual effects company based in Germany.

Since season 2, the company has been responsible for the look of Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. From the second to the eighth and final season of Thrones, Adam Figielski takes us through the journey of making the dragons look real (but not, like, too real)

Rather, we look at the creation and the evolution of castles, ships, battle augmentations, set extension and more.

Adam will be part of the speakers at the upcoming M3Conference in Skopje, and early-bird tickets can be purchased at the following link.

Adam joined the Pixomondo team as a matte painter in 2007 to work on their first feature film The Red Baron, which woke his passion for digital environments. Since then, Adam has contributed to a variety of projects including Game of Thrones, 2012, Oblivion, Red Tails and the Academy Award-winning film Hugo.

For his work on the second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, he was awarded with a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Visual Effects as well as a VES Award. Due to his strong visual ideas and outstanding skill set, he quickly became part of the core team as an Environment Supervisor and is currently working as a Visual Effects Supervisor at the Stuttgart branch.

As a supervisor, he is known for his technical expertise, his fine sense of colors and image composition, as well as his driving visual inspiration.

In addition to his prior listed projects his credits include Live by Night, Wolf Totem, Fast Five, Furious Seven, Ninja Assassin, Fear the Walking Dead, The Physician, Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, Star Trek: Discovery, Watchmen, The Wandering Earth and Iron Sky 2.

Apart from his professional career, he is also teaching at the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg and International Filmschool Cologne.

He has recently wrapped up the work on Roland Emmerich’s Midway and the Mandalorian.

We are looking forward to your attendance at M3Conference! Early-bird tickets at promotional price can be purchased at:

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