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M3DS Academy part of the Workshop: Creativity and Technology

On the weekend of December 07, 2019, a 3D Printing, Robotics, and 3D Forms Workshop was held at the new flagship Telecom store, Macedonia Square


At the workshops, we had fun and had lots of kids making 3D shapes with 3D pens. The interplay of technology and creativity provided the unique experience and joy of the youngest, who themselves managed to make 3D glasses, 3D butterflies, 3D bikes, as well as pendants and custom shapes. This gave us an exciting opportunity to enrich their knowledge in the field of IT technologies.

Also, more complex forms and pendants were printed live on two 3D printers, and everyone was amazed at the work already done by our students, who were on display at the workshop.

We gave their dearest to their dear ones, as well as additional Magenta and M3DS pendants, which were 3D printed.

It was a great honor for us to participate in a workshop of this kind and be the leading cause of joy for many children.

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