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M3DS Academy from now will professionally manage student progress with FTrack Studio

FTrack is the project management, production tracking, and media review platform that teams in the creative industries use to collaborate. FTrack connects people, simplifies workflows, and increases studio efficiency.

M3DS Academy announces that we are currently using this platform in our studio for better coordination and increased productivity and efficiency.

FTrack does planning and organizing much better.

Scheduling projects and planning them from start to finish is tracked using a studio to review everything that happens in your studio in different projects and departments.

It also helps with extensive planning by setting all phases in a time frame with key milestones. It is the perfect tool for producers and supervisors to plan the preliminary stages of the project effectively. Team management and resource planning are coordinated to ensure projects stay within the set deadlines and plans.

Organize and increase team productivity with FTrack studio.

It is suitable for designing 3D animations, VFX and post-production, 2D animations, movies, advertising if you are inclined to teamwork in your daily job.

More about ftrack you can find on the following link:

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