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M3DS visited 3Lateral studio

M3DS team, with Djordje Vidovic, generalist at 3Lateral

3Lateral is a studio that combines passion and innovation to create characters and beings, based in Novi Sad, Serbia. 3Lateral develops innovative technologies that enable the digitization of human appearance and movement to an unprecedented level of realism.

3Lateral is recognized as a pioneer and innovator in the gaming industry. It has a long list of successful AAA gaming projects, and they are part of Epic Games Inc. from January 2019.

The 3Lateral team is a leading studio for the development of this industry in their country, through Unreal Engine as the leading software for creating virtual people and creatures.

The team at M3DS Academy visited this studio, where we discussed more about technologies, upcoming projects, and a shared vision of developing this industry in the region.

With united forces, we believe in motivating and driving a positive impact on technology, education, and reaching out to young people through such technology. We look forward to even more significant and more successful collaborations.

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