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Marko Lazov - M3DS sent me to a road with no looking back

Marko Lazov, a graduate student at M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design and the best second-generation student

- One of Marko's models -


The hesitation and uncertainty over which faculty to pursue his education, driven by the desire and talent for drawing and design, Marko decided for the M3DS Academic Year. Supported by his parents, the passion and the motivation to learn in areas where he finds himself ultimately were his best choices.

Always interested in creating 3D models of games and cinematography, as well as a lover of games and movies dominated by CG elements, has fueled his curiosity to find out how it was done and achieved.

Marco devoted himself entirely to 3D lectures, tutorials, and homework. Still, on many occasions, he experimented with modeling, textures, and the like, combining the knowledge gained for all programs and upgrading them. He devoted his entire time to 3D, spending maximum time, and achieving professional results.

"I was determined to continue in the 3D realm as my future job and invested all my time learning something new."


He is pleased with the M3DS Academy for the right direction in this industry, opening many doors and opportunities where he can thrive. His unique talent and hard work brought him an offer to be a part of Hatchfox Studios while still a student at M3DS Academic Year.

"M3DS sent me on a path that has no looking back, where it will require persistence to work on many more projects," said Marko.

Marco has never felt 3D as a job or a task he didn't want to do because he saw every given exercise and homework as a challenge and something he enjoyed doing. An additional impetus was the friendly atmosphere in the academy and the successful teamwork that they often performed until the late hours.

Otherwise, at the Exhibition of Second Generation Students at M3DS, Marco was justly named Student of the Year. With his generous gesture to award the XP-Pen graphics tablet to his classmate Andrei Smilchevski, he showed the collegiality and friendship that all students gained during their studies.

He desires to become part of world-renowned studios such as Blur, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, and hope that with a lot of hard work and patience, he will one day be able to fulfill his dream.

With determination, perseverance, patience, and hard work, you can achieve everything. Congrats Marko!

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