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Marvel's Spiderman at M3Conference

Bobby Coddington comes from Insomniac Games, and M3Conference he will talk about the creation of Marvel's Spiderman. As Director of Animation and Cinematics, he is practically responsible for casting and animating characters. He maintains hands-on involvement in character rigging, pipeline, complete style direction, camera work, face and camera rigs, pre-viz, layout, and tool creation.

Bobby Coddington as an Animation director has assembled and empower a team of creative people and help to guide their energy into a cohesive, efficient, and powerful result that serves the needs of the project.

Bobby has worked with writers on the story, as well as with art and creative directors for character development. He is planing and directing his own mocap shoots, and has been working with actors and stunt talent since the beginning of his career.

His work experience in the field include:

  • Director of Animation and Cinematics - (Insomniac Games - Spiderman)

  • Director of Animation and Cinematics - (Insomniac Games - Sunset Overdrive)

  • Director of Animation and Cinematics - (Below)

  • (EA L.A. epic moments team) Army of Two - Spring 2013 - (EA) Medal Of Honor War fighter – 2012 - (EA) Demo Projects (Various/Army of 2) - (EA / Pandemic) Mercenaries, “Mercs INC” Multiplayer. - (EA) Tiberium (fps)

  • Lead Animator - (EA) C&CX pre-production

  • Cinematic Support Animator – (EA) Medal Of Honor Airborne Assault

  • Lead AI Character Animator - (EA) Medal of Honor European Assault

  • Lead AI character Animator - (EA) Medal of Honor Pacific Assault

  • Character Animator - (EA) Medal of Honor Rising Sun

  • Character & Cinematic Animator - (BOE)Knock Out Kings 2002, X Files prototype demo, Knock Out Kings 2001

We are looking forward to your attendance at M3Conference!

Early-bird tickets at promotional price can be purchased at:

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