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Petar Kotevski - I cannot be more satisfied with the knowledge gained in just one year

Petar Kotevski, a high school student, a graduate student at the M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design and the modeler of the largest 3D printer in Macedonia


At the M3DS Academy, Petar met his friend, who was already enrolled in the studies and introduced him to everything that could achieve by following the course and the obligations he was supposed to fulfill. Fascinated by the 3D world, curious about the patterns and widespread of the entire industry, he decided to enroll and gain more experience, in which he found himself even more.

As a high school student at Orce Nikolov High School with day-to-day responsibilities, maintaining excellent success, and regularly attending classes was difficult as both require consistency, dedication, and attention. However, with some sleepless nights and well-managed time, Peter managed to achieve everything.

"Good organization of time is key to balancing commitments," says Petar.

As the type who has always been interested in games and movies, however, the things that interest him the most are creatures and fictional characters. Petar was eagerly awaiting the opportunity to be fully capable of making any of them completely self-sufficient.

"I cannot be more satisfied with the knowledge gained in just one year."

The biggest inspiration during his studies is the film "John Carter," and that is why he made two characters from that film, one of which got the title "The Greatest 3D Print in Macedonia", which required quite a lot of hours of work. Otherwise, it is over 110 cm high and contains 34 parts. Making this 3D print is also Peter's favorite part of his studies. Consistently careful not to tangle the plastic tape, so as not to interrupt the printing of memorable 25 hours for just one part of the model, it was a challenge for him and Andrej Smilchevski, who deserve the most success. "You don't describe the feeling of satisfaction when you touch what you have created yourself."

With all the knowledge gained today, Petar is working on a portfolio that is continuously upgrading and improving. Besides, over the past month, he has successfully developed several freelance projects, which have helped him step up and better understand the freelance business, where he will continue to thrive.

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