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Student of the Week: Elena Popova

Introducing Elena Popova, who was a student at the 3D Artist Freelance Course at M3DS Academy.

Elena is 24 years old and is from Skopje, and at the same time, while studying at the Faculty of Computer Science, she was a student at the M3DS Academy. In that way, she became more familiar with computer graphics and animation and decided to deepen her curiosity. Elena followed this course online.

"I had a wonderful experience and I learned a lot. The instructors were tolerant, patient and took the time to help us when we had problems. Even though we have completed the course, they are still here for consultation and advice." - Elena says.

The final project lasted the longest and was Elena's favorite because in the process she learned the main stages of creating a full 3D character.

The characters she has made so far are mainly from some of the favorite cartoons she watched as a child and have remained in her memory.

In the future, Elena wants to work as a character artist and create her own interesting 3D models.

We hope that her wish will come true as soon as possible, and below, take a look at her great creative work.


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