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The M3DS made a 3D printed drone at a speed of 180 km / h

Drones are a growing trend every day, and 3D printing is the technology that drives these developments. Drones are used for surveillance, package delivery, or simply for recreational purposes.


3D printing is a useful tool for the creation of drones. This technology can be used to work on the design, resistance, and even speed of the drone. 3D printing allows you to make some fast prototypes, but it is also possible to produce a finished drone design.

At M3DS, we managed to make this very drone, which had a successful flight and a high speed of 180km / h. Special thanks go to our student Damjan Vasilevski, who made the most of this project. The drone is made of several parts:

  • flight controller

  • display

  • radio receiver

  • camera

  • video transmitter

  • Electronic Speed ​​Controllers (ESC)

  • engines

  • frame

  • different parts - wires, sockets and pins

Photographs taken with a camera mounted on the drone during its successful flight.


This whole process comes with additional benefits:

Improve the performance of parts

While flying with your drone, did you notice areas you could improve on? With a 3D printer, you can easily upgrade and develop better parts to enhance your drone's performance. However, you will need to look at the length and the other proportions of the elements to work.

Learning opportunity

With the right design, you will be able to do the parts, but it does not exclude the possibility that some of the first attempts may end in disaster. Such failures should be used to learn and improve our crafting skills.

Infinite supply of parts

It is normal to have an accident when flying a drone. But the good thing about 3D printed drones is that if some part breaks, it can be easily printed and replaced with a new one. This will allow you to have a more fun flight despite the accidents that are happening.

The 3D printing industry allows you to create your drones, which is the perfect way to get a drone that fits your needs. It is cheaper, and the product development process is faster with additive manufacturing technology. It is possible to create light drones, small or larger, and even faster.


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