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The new motion capture system XSENS has arrived at M3DS Academy

Motion capture is the process of digitally recording people's movement (also known as mocap). Such advanced technology is used in filmmaking, video game development, animation, action, and visual effects recording. The system itself facilitates classical work by recording inertial body movements and providing data that can be inserted into any pipeline.

Now, the M3DS Academy features the Xsens MVN Animate Motion captures system, an Xsens motion sensor suite that allows easy use for animations. The system has stable and reliable hardware and produces high-quality animations, which can later be embedded in the development of video games, movies, VFX, VR. AR, proving that Xsens MVN is the ideal tool for this industry.

Many movies and visuals (VFX) productions use this Xsens system. A famous example of a motion capture technology movie is Avatar, furthermore is used for entertainment, sports, medical applications, ergonomics, and robotics.

Motion Picture Recording and the Visual Industry Now students at M3DS have the opportunity to work on professional equipment used in all films and games worldwide.

More about XSENS at

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