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The premiere of Captain Marvel in collaboration with M3DS

Captain Marvel from Marvel's studio is a whole new adventure, from the hitherto undiscovered history of Marvel's film universe that follows Carol Danvers on the road to becoming one of the most powerful heroes in the universe. At a time when war between two types of aliens is taking over the Earth, Danvers and a small group of her allies will find themselves in the middle of the conflict.

As well as being able to see Captain Marvel two days around the world, only in the cinemas of Cineplexx, you can enjoy a great atmosphere of preparation, including;

🔵 blue carpet

🎧 dj for super fun

🚀 Red Bull for energy and refreshment

📸 PhotoFun photobooth

We will also show you how to print 3D keychains and the happiest of you will receive a keychain with the Captain Marvel logo or a keychain that changes color with the main Skrulls villains.

Buy your cards on time!

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