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The young Dimitar from Bitola made a short film in Unreal Engine 4

The young Dimitar Bezhanovski from Bitola made a short sci-fi movie at Unreal Engine 4


The film is made using the "real-time rendering" method, i.e., real-time computer graphics generation, which is one of the latest principles for film and video game making, which slowly but surely replaces the traditional way of "pre-rendering."

Dimitar was part of the 3D workshops on 3D modeling, animation, and 3D printing that the M3DS Academy of 3D and Game Design held earlier this year. The lectures were for the high school students, and our team of instructors held them at the high school "Gjorgji Naumov" in Bitola during the weekends. Through their maintenance, the students gained basic knowledge of the 3D world.

Also, Dimitar and his classmates were part of the IT Novum 2018, an event organized by the NGO Inovum, as well as with our expert co-operation. At this event, all participants learned how to work in Maya and Unreal Engine 4 programs.

We are proud to have encouraged many of the participants to focus on this professional IT field.

The film is about the mission of soldiers and their fight with the crystal defenders that protect the surrounding territories. After the battle, one of the soldiers manages to destroy the crystal and thus himself.

You can view the entire video below.

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