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We have made the biggest 3D print in Macedonia


At the end of the Academic Year for 3D training approaches, they are actively working on models, animations, games, environments, characters, and similar projects that will become part of their professional portfolio.

Besides, M3DS announces that preparations are underway for our first solo exhibition of 3D models and crafts by our students, due to be held in early September, for which we will publish further information.

Precisely as a motive for this exhibition, the biggest 3D print in Macedonia is guaranteed. It is a character modeled by our distinguished student Petar Kotevski. The print will be 100 cm high, consisting of 34 parts, which in the printing process we calculated that would take about 480 hours with many sleepless nights. Thanks to our student Andrej Smilchevski who is slowly but surely becoming an expert in 3D modeling, we hope that this print will be completed as soon as possible.

Whether this remains the largest 3D print in our country and beyond remains to be seen at our upcoming exhibition. Stay tuned!

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