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Winners of Game Design How To? 2021

The sixth edition of the educational event Game Design How To? 2021 is over, which this time was held online on Discord.


This year's edition of Game Design How To? 2021, surprised us with great interest, despite the fact that the main communication with all participants took place online.

Out of the total registered 600+ people, over 550 participants took an active part, and they were organized in 81 teams, and 104 people participated individually.

With their desire, enthusiasm, and creativity, all participants managed to make really very creative video games, in just 7 days, although 92% of them had NO experience in the 3D field or general knowledge in video game creation programs. We could conclude that they really made the work of the jury difficult, which had a lot of work to do, as well as a difficult selection of finalists.

The games were judged on their creativity, functionality, and originality.

🥇First place in Game Design How To? 2021

🥈Second place in Game Design How To? 2021

🥉Third place in Game Design How To? 2021

team Will Code For Rakija 🏆 Best runner game

🏆Best individual game

Sasho Kocevski 🏆 Best shooter game

🏆 Youngest participant in the event

Additionally, each participant receives a gift M3DS T-shirt and a certificate of participation, and the organizers of the event Florina Dzingova and Stefan Mitrov surprised everyone at the finals, declaring that each participant will receive a scholarship as the first place, as motivation and reward for their work. invested in the past 7 days.

In the coming days, the voting for the PEOPLE CHOICE award will take place on the Facebook page of the M3DS Academy, which will last until next Wednesday, November 10, 2021. The winner of PEOPLE'S CHOICE will receive an ENDER 3 V2 3D printer , so please vote with your Facebook likes and support your favorite team or individual.

The team of M3DS Academy who is responsible for the organization of this event:

Stefan Mitrov - organizer & founder of M3DS Academy

Florina Dzingova - organizer / general manager / Lead instructor

Simon Zafirovski - Lead instructor for Unreal Engine

Nikola Kocevski - Lead instructor for ZBrush

Voislav Nikolovski - VFX / Simulations

Leo Kralevski - 3D printing assistant

Antonio Dimishkov - 3D generalist

Antonio Radosevic - 3D and 2D Animator

We would like to thank all the members of the jury, who took part of their time to evaluate the works, based on their many years of experience in this area, but also related areas.

Mihajlo Dimitrievski - The Micho, illustrator

Sasho Lazeski - 3D artist

Darko Ristevski - a freelance illustrator and NFT artist

Martina Dimoska - Masters of Space Studies at International Space University.

Nikola Angelkoski - Lead Matte Painter

Aleksandar Jovanovski - Game Developer & Graphic Designer \

Marko Paloski - System Engineer & MLSA Country Lead

Filip Spasenovski - Game Artist

Vlado Markoski - freelance 3D artist

Leon Fotevski - Hard Surface 3D Artist

Darko Mitev - Game Developer & Graphic Designer

Filip Kocov - Matchmove Specialist

Goce Cvetanovski - Award-winning director & producer

Milan Tasevski - Game Designer and founder of Archona Games

Ivan Ivanovski - technical production Lead

Goran Kocov - CG Supervisor

Congratulations to all participants and we look forward to seeing you at the next creative and educational event ♥

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