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Challenge of the week: Making 3D models in just 2 hours

For this week we didn’t want to single out an individual student, because we had an exciting challenge and outstanding artistry by our students.

Students of the Academy Year 2022/23 with only three months of knowledge in the Autodesk Maya program, managed to create their favorite characters.

Each of the 3D models is made in just 2 hours, following the rules of proportion, scale, and proper geometry.

Some of the students decided to create Hard Surface robots, some made interesting everyday objects, and some made cute characters.

The works are from the group that follows the Academic Year live, ie Ema Mitreska, Teo Markovikj, Ivan Trajkovski, Ivona Nikolovska, Itan Georgievski, Gjorgji Stevkovski and Oleg Stefanovski are included here.

As a thank you for their great work, we could not single out a winner, so each of the group got their character in 3D printed form.

We will continue with the hard work and lectures that follow, and we hope that these students will be our next professional 3D artists.

Take a look at their fantastic creations below.


Learn how these models are created and start your career as a professional 3D artist.

Become part of the Academy Year.


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