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Student of the Week: Andrej Petrushevski

Introducing Andrej Petrushevski, a student of this week.

Andrej is part of the online classes of the Academy Year at M3DS Academy. At the same time, he is studying at a university, and working, but he also finds time to dedicate himself to his goal of being a professional 3D artist.

This 3D model is his first standalone model in the ZBrush program. Although he likes this 3D sculpting program the most because he can express himself creatively, he still says he is looking forward to Unreal Engine and design environments and video games.

We wish him great success in the future, we wish him to upgrade his knowledge and see the excellent work of Andrej below.


Learn how these models are created and start your career as a professional 3D artist.

Become part of the Academy Year.

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