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Student of the Week: Eleonora Spirova

Introducing Eleonora Spirova, a student of the Academy Year at the M3DS Academy, who attends lectures as part of online groups.

Eleonora is from Skopje, and while attending the lectures of the Academic Year, she also works as a 3D artist in the gaming industry.

The "Student of the Week" award is given for the excellently created 3D environment, which is an Italian coastline. Inspired by Italian architecture, it created an environment where the small details give the character of the stage.

Eleonora revealed to us that it was enjoyable to work in the Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine programs, and the biggest challenge was the Zbrush program for 3D sculpting. For her, this was a completely unknown zone. But, after attending the lectures and gaining experience, she now feels safe as an artist in this program as well.

"The academic year was generally a nice experience, especially the virtual introduction to the team of instructors and students. Instructors are always available. Fortunately, we worked as a small group of students, so the instructors could devote more time to each of us. The listeners / colleagues I met were very supportive and made the classes even more fun, " - Eleonora told us.

Her greatest desire is to find herself as a concept and character artist. Eleonora's future plans are to continue her training as a general 3D artist in the gaming industry, where she would like to further share her knowledge. We wish her dreams to come true as soon as possible, and below, take a look at her great creative work.


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