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Student of the Week: Lorita Chavleska

Introducing Lorita Chavleska, a student at the 3D Artist Freelance Course at M3DS Academy.

Lorita comes from Prilep, is a student at the Faculty of Economics, and works in a private company as a commercialist.

After her formal education, she may not be related to the 3D industry, but her curiosity about the visual arts is key to her becoming a part of the course, following it exclusively online. Lorita is also a mother of two beautiful children. Despite the great responsibility and many obstacles, she still finds time to dedicate to her passion, the 3D technologies.

The character for which he received this award is inspired by the movie Space Jam.

"The course went great , there was great organization and communication, and the instructors were always available to help." - Lorita says.

Her favorite program says that she is definitely ZBrush because she can best express her creativity, and enjoy the work, losing a sense of time. 🙂

Lorita wants to become a character artist in the future and that is why she is currently working on new characters, and building her portfolio.

We wish her wish come true as soon as possible, and below you can take a look at her great creative work.


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