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Student of the week: Nikola Dimov

M3DS Academy begins to promote future professional 3D artists, revealing their progress throughout our courses.

We present to you: Nikola Dimov.

Nikola is a student of the Academy Year at the M3DS Academy. Before becoming part of the world of 3D technology, he drew interesting digital 2D illustrations. Many know him as Nikola - ArtHouse, his artistic pseudonym, with which he leaves a mark on his works.

Since he started studying at M3DS Academy, his favorite part is 3D modeling in the ZBrush program, where he skillfully creates 3D characters or stylized characters.

His excellent workmanship, which brought him this recognition, is "The Octopus",

3D created from his personally drawn 2D sketch.

This is one of the first models of Nikola, made in the first month of the ZBrush program.

The octopus is modeled with ZSpheres and then with radial symmetry to make all the tentacles at once.

Everything else is credited to his creativity.

We continue to work hard and upgrade his knowledge, with the maximum attendance of classes, the great effort in making the exercises, but also the arbitrary experimentation in the program.

Expect more from our students' creations every Friday!

You can see the 3D model below:

Learn how these models are created and start your career as a professional 3D artist.

Become part of the Academy Year.

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